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The Studio 61 Competitive Company is an audition-only company that competes and performs all over the state of Florida.  These dancers and parents are hand selected by our technical staff after at least one year of classes taken at Studio 61. Although very rare to the dance studio industry, we require a dancer to be enrolled in our exclusive dance program for a minimum of one season  in order to be considered to audition for our competitive company. It` is expected that any dancer eligible to audition excels at many different genres of dance including but not limited to ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and acro.


Basic Requirements of a Competitive Company Dancer

- Must be enrolled in 10+ hours of classes per week

- Must attend 4 mandatory conventions/competitions, and 1 local competition

Audition Process

1. While enrolled in class, technique teachers (ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, turns and leaps) will make suggestions to the Director based on key factors such, as but not limited to strength in technique, ability to learn choreography at a fast pace, stellar performance skills, ability to take correction. 

2. Parent is contacted by the Director on an individual basis and if interested, a meeting with the Director is set up to review commitments and requirements.  If the dancer is interested and the parent decides that the commitments are able to be met, the dancer will move on to the audition.

3. The audition will be a mixture of ballet and jazz.

4. All dancers auditioning will be contacted via email with information on whether they have a secured a spot in the Competitive Company.

For more information about our Competitive Company, please email us at info@studio-61.com



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