The Studio 61 Full-Time Company is an elite group of dancers ages 8 and up that excel at many different genres of dance, especially ballet.  The Full-Time Company is an invite/audition only group of dancers that will compete and perform all over the country.  These dancers and parents are hand selected by our technical staff after at least one year of classes taken at Studio 61. 

This company is designed to dig deep into a dancer’s potential, both physically and mentally, and endlessly challenge them to find the best version of themselves on a daily basis. It is a tireless cycle that may be exhausting for most but for those fit for this company, it will program them to excel in every aspect of life.  While in company, the level of trust for our direction and our decisions is of utmost importance. Full support from all members is imperative in order for success.


what do we look for in a full-time dancer?

In order for a dancer to be invited, they must demonstrate a high level of focus, commitment and responsibility in class, at home and in their academic education.  This program is geared towards dancers who crave intense training and is designed to help students develop their technique and performance quality at a high level.  Self-discipline, personal accountability, teamwork skills, responsibility and time management are just a few of the skills dancers acquire in full-time company.


what is a full-time dancer committed to for the season?

Minimum of 13 Hours of classes a week

Weekend Rehearsals

4 Mandatory Competition Dances

Attendance in Summer Intensive 

3 Mandatory out of town Convention weekends that include Competition 

Out of state Nationals 

Company Showcase

End of the Year Showcase