The Studio 61 Part-Time Company is a group of dancers ages 8 and up that train in many different genres of dance. These dancers participate in conventions and competitions within the local area of South Florida.  


This company was established to allow dancers to build confidence in a nurturing yet demanding environment. The level of expectation for these dancers is set high so that they are able to continue to grow and learn. The goal for our part-time company is for our dancers to be able to learn proper technique while creating and building strength as a team for years to come. 


what do we look for in a part-time dancer?

These dancers and parents are hand selected by our technical staff, Part-Time Company Director and Studio Owner/Director after at least one year of classes taken at Studio 61.


In order for a dancer to be invited, they must demonstrate a specific level of work ethic in class, at home and in their academic education. Unwavering commitment and longevity are key factors in order to be successful. Attitude, communication, maturity, teamwork, accountability and performance quality are just a few of the skills dancers acquire in part-time company.


what is a part-time dancer committed to for the season?

Minimum of 7 Hours of classes a week

2 Mandatory Competition Dances

Attendance in Summer Intensive 

2 local conventions

2 local competitions

Company Showcase

End of the Year Showcase