The Studio 61 Performance Company is geared towards the dancer that is hungry for growth in dance, shows determination within classes and simply has a love for performing. Our mission is to build the potential of a dancer and to help not only mold them into a versatile performer, but also a positive role model. To accelerate their growth, we expose and train them in different styles of dance.  We focus on more in depth components of the genre to perfect technique and advance in level of difficulty. We want to create good chemistry amongst hard working dancers with good work ethic to prepare them for their future endeavors in and out of the dance studio atmosphere. 


The selection process is done within the studio and in order to be considered, enrollment in classes at Studio 61 Dance Company for at least one year is required. A ballet, hip hop, jazz and/or contemporary class is highly recommended if you are in the pursuit of joining Performance Company.

Basic Requirements of a Performance Company Dancer

- Must be enrolled in 7+ hours of classes per week

- Must attend one mandatory convention, 2 local performances and 2 local competitions 

Audition Process

1. While enrolled in class, technique teachers (ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre) will make suggestions to the Director based on key factors such, as but not limited to, strength, agility, work ethic, performance quality.

2. Parent is contacted by the Director on an individual basis and if interested, a meeting with the Director is set up to review commitments and requirements.  If the dancer is interested and the parent decides that the commitments are able to be met, the dancer will move on to the audition.

3. The audition will be a mixture of ballet and jazz and will sometimes include hip hop. 

4. All dancers auditioning will be contacted via email with information on whether they have a secured a spot in the Performance Company.

For more information about our Performance Company, please email us at

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