• Class placement is initially based on age. The levels are separated by, Combo: Ages 3-4, Pre/Lil Level: Ages 5-7, Level 1: Ages 8-10, Level 2: Ages 11-13, Level 3: Ages 14+. 

  • Ballet is required if your child would like to participate in a technique based class. Technique classes include Jazz, Musical Theatre, Turns & Leaps and Contemporary. Your child does not need to take Ballet if they are enrolled in Acro, Breaking, Stretch & Strength, Ballroom or Hip Hop class. Ballet is highly recommended to anyone that wants to excel to his or her highest potential in the art of dance. Since Ballet is the foundation of all technique styles, we would be doing you an injustice by allowing your dancer to take a technique based class without Ballet.


  • Students will not be permitted into class after 15 minutes of class start time unless administration is notified in a timely manner. 

  • We kindly as that proper communication be made to the office staff if your child is not prepared for class or tardy. If your child is consistently unprepared and/or tardy, then your child will run the risk of not being allowed in class.

  • Students will run the risk of being asked to leave class for the following reasons; excessive talking, lack of focus, tardiness and/or improper attire (including hair in bun for ballet).

  • Children in Combo classes are encouraged to stay in class unless otherwise permitted by the teacher. Parents can send their combo dancer into class with all necessary shoes and water, if needed. 

  • Chewing gum in class is prohibited. 

  • Proper dance attire and shoes is to be worn for all classes.


  • Tuition is due on the 25th of each month. All clients have the ability to sign up for auto pay free of charge in order to eliminate late fees. Tuition fees can be paid through your online account. Each additional sibling will receive 10% off their tuition. There will be no refunds or prorated tuition rates under any circumstances.


  • Makeup classes are available if there is a corresponding and appropriate class that is open. Makeup classes are not guaranteed and depend on a class’s availability. No refunds/prorated tuition will be given for any missed classes due to illness, school, or vacation.


  • If removal/cancellation from a class is needed, written documentation must be sent via email before the 20th of the month in order to prevent charges for the following month. If you do not request to be removed from the class before the 20th, you will be charged for that class regardless of whether or not your child is able to attend. If your child does not attend, Studio 61 Dance Company will credit your dance account for the amount due. Studio 61 Dance Company will not refund or credit any funds if written confirmation was not sent via email before the 20th.


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