We truly believe that our youngest dancers are capable of anything.  Instilling the foundations of good technique within our youngest dancers is imperative when training strong dancers. Developing a curriculum that implements these foundations all while allowing these tiny dancers to explore and love dance is the main focus of our Preschool Program.


what can you Expect your child to learn?

Our goal in combo class is for each child to enjoy their time in dance class, while teaching the fundamentals that will prepare them for the next level of classes. Dancers begin to learn the basics of Ballet and Jazz while exploring their own creativity. Working on balance, rhythm, musicality, and proper classroom discipline help the dancers into understanding the concentration necessary to grow as a dancer. 


Our Preschool Dancers must be 3 years-old by August 24th and must be potty trained before enrolling for class.  We highly recommend that your dancer is enrolled in a preschool prior to registration in order to enhance their learning while in their dance class.

Curriculum/Class Structure

The preschool program is structured to allow a young dancer to learn and understand the basic fundamentals of ballet and jazz. The curriculum includes teaching independence and responsibility while also giving them a strong foundation of technique.  Our Preschool Program is lead by a former preschool teacher whose philosophy is based on the statement, “every child is capable.”


There are a few things you can do to help our class run smoothly and maximize our dancing time.

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts.  Keep in mind that if you are attending classes in-person that parents will drop off their dancer at the front door and only the dancer will be able to enter the building.  Please review our current Policies and Procedures HERE.

  2. We will start each class with ballet, so you can have your child’s ballet shoes on and they may bring in their jazz shoes, preferably in a bag. As part of the preschool class we would like to instill a sense of responsibility in each dancer, therefore we will encourage them to change their shoes on their own during class. This may take some time for the first couple of weeks, but soon enough they will all get it. We love to see them so proud of accomplishing it on their own!

  3. The only thing that should be in the dancers’ bags should be their jazz shoes and the sticker book that they will receive on their first day of class.  Please have your dancer arrive already wearing their ballet shoes.

  4. Due to current policies and procedures put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we highly recommend that the dancers use the bathroom prior to arrival. 

  5. Label all of your child’s shoes with their name on the inside of the shoe.