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Competition Dancer


Studio 61 Dance Company opened its doors in 2008 with the sole purpose of being able to offer the best dance instruction to children of all ages.  We strive to create an atmosphere in which dance training and character training go hand in hand and to make sure that each student is not only working to become a strong and versatile dancer, they are also learning key lessons that will last a lifetime.


Responsibility, time management and goal-setting are just a few of the traits that our staff works tirelessly to implement in every dancer.  We also aim to promote confidence, teamwork and a strong sense of self-worth and know that such lessons go way beyond the dance studio and will be taken with them for the rest of their lives.


The versatility that is built into our program allows for a student to be challenged in an array of disciplines, each of which has a curriculum that has been planned and organized by each instructor and approved by the director.   We believe that the more styles and teachers that each dancer is exposed to, the stronger their technique becomes across the board.  This methodology has accelerated our program and our students tremendously and we have found great success in the implementation of these details.  

We are proud and grateful to have created a community of hardworking dancers and supportive families.  It truly takes a village to guide the generations of tomorrow on the right path and we believe that enrolling in dance lessons at the local studio is so much more than what it used to be. Finding an environment in which your child can be a part of for years to come is a huge factor to consider when selecting a studio.  

We invite you to come find out why Studio 61 Dance Company is the place for you!

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