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STUDIO info & policies


This document is crucial to your 2022-2023 Season experience!

Gain knowledge of this season's policies and expectations.

It is required for each family to fully read this document before registering. 

As a studio, we implement a specific dress code to benefit each dancer enrolled in our program. This document will list the required attire and shoes for both male and female dancers in each class. It is imperative that each dancer has the proper attire and shoes before the first day of class.

If your dancer is enrolled in our Preschool Program use this Handbook to inform and prepare you for their class!



As a studio, we implement a specific dress code to benefit each dancer enrolled in our program. Not only is it a safety issue when dancers aren’t dressed properly, but it also lowers the level of professionalism in the class when dressed improperly. Having strict guidelines for these requirements will only enhance your dancer’s experience. It is vital that these expectations are met every week, and should any complications occur, we kindly ask that you notify us in the office via email or phone call.


Parents will be able to enter the lobby 5 minutes before and after their child's class begins. For our dancers' safety, the doors will be locked in between each class. Classes at Suite 612 will not have a viewing option for parents.


Students will not be permitted into class after 15 minutes of class start time unless the administration is notified in a timely manner.


Makeup classes are available if there is a corresponding and appropriate class that is open. We allow 4 makeup classes to be scheduled within the season. After January, makeup classes will not be available as classes will be prepping for Showcase.


If removal/cancellation from a class is needed, an email notification must be sent before the 20th of the month to prevent charges for the following month. If you do not request to be removed from the class before the 20th, you will be charged for that class regardless of whether your child can attend. Studio 61 Dance Company will credit your dance account for the amount due if your child does not attend. Studio 61 Dance Company would not refund or credit any funds if written confirmation in an email was not sent via email before the 20th.

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