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Studio 61 Dance Company’s Full-Time Company seeks to truly challenge and inspire dancers who are serious about dance. 

This company is designed to create life experience through dance that will set its members up to be exceptional adults. 

Our goal is to motivate students to excel not only in dance, but in all aspects of their life. 

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Designed to dig deep into a dancer's potential

ages 8-18

This company is designed to endlessly challenge them to find the best version of themselves on a daily basis.  It is a tireless cycle that may be exhausting for most but for those fit for this company, it will program them to excel in every aspect of life. This select team will be geared towards conventions and working with outside choreographers. 

season commitments


Studio Showcase

3-4 weeks of “Road to Nationals” training leading up to nationals

7-10 days of Nationals out of town 

2-3 weeks of mandatory rehearsals for new season pieces

3 day “The Intensive Experience” classes



Training 4 nights a week Monday-Thursday

1 mandatory convention weekend in Miami (Jump)

Rehearsals on Saturdays (roughly 1-2 a month)

3-4 weekends dedicated to learning pieces from choreographers who are flown in by Studio 61

Private Lessons available frequently

Once a month master class opportunities

Mandatory and consistent work at home on strength training, mastering choreography, technique, flexibility, etc.

Recommended additional conventions  



Rehearsals during winter break

Private lessons during winter break

Rehearsal every Saturday for bonus group dancers

Mandatory and consistent self improvement schedule during winter break



3 convention/competition weekends in Orlando

Mandatory attendance in all classes and rehearsals two weeks prior to competition as part of our “blackout team readiness” policy

Potential Spring Break restrictions dependent on competition schedules and blackout dates

Rehearsal every Saturday for bonus group dancers

Once every other month master class opportunity

Mandatory and consistent work at home on strength training, cleaning pieces, technique, flexibility, etc.

Private lessons available on select school days off

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